Flopeeze worn in the garden

Welcome to FLOPEEZE !

FLOPEEZE are fun, comfortable, unisex, protective footwear for the beach, the home or just about anywhere!

Whether you use them on the beach, at home, at the gym, on airplanes, cruise ships, or in the garden, FLOPEEZE footwear gives you the full experience of walking barefoot while protecting your feet from undesirable and/or unhygienic surfaces.

The special panel design with ankle hole in the FLOPEEZE is what makes our product unique and patentable. The ankle hole, when snuggly adjusted to the foot, helps keep FLOPEEZE securely attached to your feet so you can walk or run naturally with barefoot-comfort.

FLOPEEZE are waterproof, soft to the touch, extremely flexible and very comfortable to wear. We offer 10 sizes, starting with 1 year old children, up to adults XXL for both men and women. FLOPEEZE is available in two styles; our Originals and SlipOns versions. It all depends on the intended use so we should have you covered.

Because of their versatility, FLOPEEZE can be worn almost anywhere and stored in the smallest of places – like the pockets of your beach-wear or petite tote bags.

They’re quite uncomplicated really… simply Better Than Barefoot.

Exercising with FlopeezeSUP Yoga
Kids running with FlopeezeBackyard Run

Something for Everyone

The Barefoot Experience – Men, Women and Kids

FLOPEEZE for many are ‘fun to wear’. And even fashionable for those special occasions. They are universal in application and appeal to a broad cross-section of recreational enthusiasts for Indoor and/or Outdoor wear!

If you’re not a flip-flop fan, but enjoy walking barefoot, FLOPEEZE are made for you!

Better yet: because of their unique design they stay securely and snugly fitted to your feet so you can walk, run, chase your dog or play frisbees without them falling off. With FLOPEEZE, there’s NO scrunching of the toes to keep them on!

The specially formulated rubber is flexible enough to mold around the sole of your foot. It’s thin enough to give you a barefoot feel yet thick enough to protect your feet from hot surfaces or other unfriendly elements.

flopeeze for womenWOMEN
Beach – Tia out for a stroll
flopeeze for menMEN
Boardwalk – Moe, Curly and Larry.
Flopeeze for kidsKIDS
Poolside – Sarah, Daniel and Thomas

Here are a few of the many FLOPEEZE attributes and benefits

Pink flopeeze

  • Microfiber carry bag available with every purchase
  • Flexible is design, universal in application
  • Extremely soft on the feet
  • High degree of comfort to wear
  • Two styles: Originals and SlipOns
  • Size offering from 1 year old and up
  • Variety of colors and graphics available
  • Waterproof
  • Easy care – wash and hang dry
  • Very convenient – compact
  • Light weight
  • Increased hygiene in public areas
  • Offers a barefoot feel and ability to walk or run naturally
  • Great protection against hot surfaces
  • Soles are screen printed with Silicone gel to prevent slippage
  • Great for travel on airplanes and cruise ships
  • Low in cost
  • Unique in design
  • Unisex – the whole family can share the experience

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